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St. James Parish Hospital’s 3D Mammography Team was recently recognized with a Skin Marking in Mammography Excellence Award from Beekley Medical for clear communication and precise interpretation for the best patient care.

St. James Parish Hospital mammography techs use a multi-shape skin marking system—specialized stickers—to help point out areas of concern or pain, masses, moles and surgical scars. The shape of the marker varies depending on what is being highlighted. The markers can be seen on mammography images when the radiologist is reviewing them.

The practice of skin marking during mammography is recommended by the American College of Radiology (ACR). “Their consistent use improves communication across the care team and can help make interpreting mammograms more accurate and efficient for the radiologist,” says Beekley Medical.

In addition, skin marking can help reduce avoidable callbacks and minimize inconvenience, anxiety and additional radiation exposure.

In a recent survey by Beekley Medical, 79% of respondents who had skin markers placed felt it was “absolutely essential” or “very important” that their imaging center use skin markers. Additionally, patients reported feeling cared for by their imaging center and more confident that they were getting an accurate mammogram.

“We constantly get feedback about how much patients love our mammography team. Our technicians are friendly, personable and always do their best to make patients feel at ease,” said Mike Luminais, Director of Radiology Services.

“Being ‘small enough to care’ is one way we stand out, but this award is also a testament to our dedication of being ‘large enough to serve.’ Not only do we offer 3D mammograms close-to-home, but we are also committed to following the best practices that ensure high quality care for our patients.”

To schedule a 3D Mammogram at St. James Parish Hospital, call 225.258.5953 or have your physician fax orders to 225.258.5868 (attention scheduling).

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