New Provider-Based Clinics

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In order to provide patients a more integrated model of care,  several St. James Parish Hospital Clinics are in the process of becoming Provider-Based Clinics. Under the new designation, Lutcher Family Clinic, Poche Medical Clinic, St. James Surgical Specialists, St. James Urology Clinic and St. James West Bank Clinic will each be classified as Departments of St. James Parish Hospital.

Patients will benefit from more integration and efficiency. Registration will be streamlined for patients utilizing both the provider-based clinics and other outpatient departments of the hospital. In addition, physicians at the clinics will be able to more easily access patient results from other hospital departments offering diagnostic testing such as lab, radiology and respiratory.

In addition, each provider-based clinic will be subject to the strict quality standards of the hospital, which includes a requirement to earn Joint Commission accreditation. Joint Commission accreditation is recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards.

Because care is provided in a department of the hospital, patients may receive two billing statements.  One statement will be for the professional services provided by the physician and one will be for the use of the facility.  Previously, all services were provided by the physician’s office and charges were grouped together for clinic visits.

Medicare beneficiaries are responsible for the co-insurance amount on the services they receive. These amounts are determined by Medicare and are based on the services performed. Depending on each patient’s particular insurance coverage, it is possible benefits may differ for certain outpatient services and procedures at a provider-based location.

For more information, patients are encouraged to review their insurance benefits or contact their insurance provider to determine what their policy will pay and what out-of-pocket expenses they may incur based on the location of the services provided.


18-Mar-2015 to 18-Mar-2015

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