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Physical therapy without a physician referral

St. James Parish Hospital is now offering Direct Access Physical Therapy assessments for patients experiencing neuro or musculoskeletal issues, chronic dysfunction or pain. CLICK HERE to learn more.

What is Direct Access?

“Direct access” simply means that state law no longer requires a physician referral or prescription for certain services. In 2016, Louisiana amended the state Physical Therapy Practice Act to allow patients to go directly to a physical therapist for evaluation and treatment. Making an appointment directly for a physical therapy assessment at St. James Parish Hospital may help patients who feel limited in their daily activities due to pain, unexplained and/or ongoing stiffness, and sudden problems with movement, strength, and flexibility.

What to expect?

During your initial visit, we will review your medical history and conduct an extensive evaluation that will allow our team to determine an effective, personalized plan of care for you. In addition, if the results of our examination lead us to believe you need to consult with another healthcare professional, we will refer you to the appropriate provider.
All members of our impressive team of physical therapists have completed graduate-level education and extensive clinical training in the examination, evaluation, and diagnosis of patients with functional limitations, impairments, and disabilities, and in determining appropriate interventions. Collectively, our team members have many years of experience in a wide range of specialties.

Studies show that early Physical Therapy intervention POSITIVELY affects outcomes.

Benefits of Direct Access

  • Better outcomes
  • Quicker access to treatment
  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Reduce opiod usage
  • Reduces likelihood of surgery
  • Helps manage pain

“The CDC recommends non-drug approaches such as Physical Therapy (PT) over long-term or high-dosage use of prescription pain medications.”

Facts for Patients

  • Direct access applies only to physical therapy services at this time. Occupational and speech therapy still require a referral/order.
  • Our team will conduct an extensive evaluation to determine a plan of care within the scope of physical therapy. If our therapists determine there is a medical issue outside of physical therapy or if there is a need for diagnostic testing, you will be referred to your physician.
  • Legally, you must be referred to a physician if measurable improvements are not made within 30 days.
  • Your personal insurance benefits will determine individual requirements for direct access.

If you are injured or suffering, contact us without waiting for an appointment with a physician or specialist. Call 225.258.5934.

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