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According to the American Cancer Society, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.

Better treatments and early detection are linked to a reduced risk of breast cancer deaths. In 2019, St. James Parish Hospital invested in 3D Mammography Technology to enhance the patient experience and increase the likelihood of early detection.

The Senographe GE Pristina 3D Mammogram is a paradigm shift in mammography. It is a more comfortable test and a complete change in the mammography experience for the patient, the technician and the radiologist. It produces clearer and more concise images aiding in earlier diagnoses.

St. James Parish Hospital’s 3D Mammography is supported by the award-winning iCAD ProFound AI Software. ProFound AI is a high-performance, cancer detection technology built on artificial intelligence. The software is used by radiologists while reading 3D mammograms.

This FDA-approved technology is clinically proven to increase cancer detection rates, reduce false positives and significantly decrease interpretation time benefiting patients by helping find cancers sooner and reducing unnecessary concern.

St. James Parish Hospital was also recently awarded for its use of a skin-marking system to help point out areas of concern or pain, masses, moles and surgical scars. The practice of skin marking during mammography is recommended by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and can help make interpreting mammograms more accurate and efficient for the radiologist.

Additionally, skin marking can help reduce avoidable callbacks and minimize inconvenience, anxiety and additional radiation exposure.

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To schedule a 3D Mammogram or learn more about our breast cancer services, call our Radiology Department at 225.258.5953.

Orders from any physician or facility may be faxed to scheduling at 225.258.5986 (Attention Scheduling).

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