State “Geaux Lite” Challenge a Success in St. James

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Lutcher, LA—May 14, 2014

St. James Parish Hospital employees and community partners teamed up for the Louisiana Hospital Association’s (LHA) Geaux Lite Weight-Loss Challenge targeting the state’s obesity problem. Official numbers revealed that the hospital’s team lost an impressive total of 769 pounds with several community members being awarded for the top weight loss in their particular industries.

In order to complete the challenge participants were required to weigh-in and weigh-out during the six month competition. A total of 125 team members were successful in completing the challenge and lost a total of 2.03% of body weight. The hospital’s team consisted of hospital employees, community members and employees of various industries and organizations in and around the parish. Community partners joining the hospital team included: St. James Parish Government, Spuddy’s Cajun Foods, LSR, Dow Chemical and the New Hope International Worship Center.

Several community members were awarded for their efforts in the competition during a celebration breakfast held at St. James Parish Hospital. Winners from each community partner lost a massive 5 percent or more of their body weight. The winners were as follows: Eric Hebert—12.04 percent loss (Dow Chemical), Travis Bell—5.06 percent loss (LSR), Marlyn Brooks—12.39 percent loss (New Hope International Worship Center), Susan Reulet—8.46 percent loss (Spuddy’s Cajun Foods), Marva Dumas—9.41 percent loss (St. James Parish Government) and Michael Gary—19.21 percent loss (St. James Parish Hospital).

Michael Gary, RN, hospital team weight-loss winner, was also the overall St. James Parish Hospital Team Winner. Gary, who lost an amazing 19.21 percent of body weight, won a free day of paid time off from the hospital and was invited to attend an LHA award ceremony where he was awarded a $500 gift card for his impressive commitment to the competition.

St. James Parish Hospital would like to congratulate all winners and thank all community partners for their outpouring of support and dedication to wellness and education with the goal of a healthier workforce and community.


Kassie St. Pierre
Director of Marketing
St. James Parish Hospital
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