Our New EHR: What to Expect

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On Monday, August 23rd St. James Parish Hospital will officially be live with its new Cerner Electronic Health Record across the hospital, ER and clinics. Patients will be invited to join the new portal through the registration process.

The hospital’s team has spent nearly a year preparing for this upgrade and will have consultants on-site the next several weeks to help ensure a smooth transition, but asks that you pardon their progress. Patients may notice additional electronic consent forms and may be asked to verify information as they are added into the new system.

“We know there will be a learning curve with our upgraded technology, but this change will be the first big step in being able to take our care to the next level for our community,” said Hospital CEO Mary Ellen Pratt.

“We appreciate your patience as our team gets comfortable working with our new software and we are so excited about all of the new benefits to come.”

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