About SJPH

SJPH CEO At St. James Parish Hospital, I want to reassure you that we are people helping other people and often through very difficult times. We constantly make strides to help make you feel more welcome, comfortable and secure here at your hometown hospital.

Our vision is to be the community’s first choice for primary healthcare needs. This goal drives us to continually assess the needs of our area in order to bring in more technology, services and physicians so that our community can take advantage of the best healthcare, close to home. 

I hope that you will experience caring from the heart while you are at St. James Parish Hospital. It is important to me that our patients and family members trust that they will be provided the highest quality care in a safe environment. I want you to see for yourself that we are “large enough to serve, small enough to care”.

Warmest Regards,

MaryEllen Pratt, CEO