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St. James West Bank Clinic
(Located on Highway 20 in Vacherie.)

Dr. Jarelle Scott, MPH, and Denise Louque, Family Nurse Practitioner, offer primary care services to children and adults in Vacherie. Physician schedules vary.

Patients with access to our new Patient Portal can also schedule appointments through the portal.

PHONE 225.265.3013
FAX: 225.265.3375
ADDRESS 21420 Louisiana Hwy 20, Vacherie, LA
CLINIC HOURS Monday – Tuesday 8am – 6pm, Wednesday – Friday 8am-5pm

St. James Parish Hospital proudly offers primary care services in Lutcher and Vacherie.

Our Primary Care Providers—physicians and family nurse practitioners—develop long-term relationships with you to help you manage your health overtime. Typically, these providers will have the most up-to-date information about your health and lifestyle in addition to your medical history.

Primary Care providers care for you when you are sick but also monitor changes in your health overtime in order to recommend certain treatments and lifestyle modifications. In addition, your primary care provider will ensure you are doing what is necessary to stay healthy.

Primary Care with hospital support.

Our primary care clinics in Lutcher and Vacherie are Departments of St. James Parish Hospital. As employees of our hospital, our primary care providers offer patients seamless access to outpatient diagnostics, imaging, therapy and on-site specialists as needed. Our primary care patients also have access to a Patient Portal which offers online appointment booking, test results and refill requests.

What can a primary care provider do during appointments and checkups?

  • Treat common health problems such as infections, illnesses and skin rashes
  • Help guide you through lifestyle changes aimed at preventing disease such as dietary changes, managing stress and quitting smoking)
  • Make sure your vaccines are up–to-date to prevent illnesses such as the flu
  • Suggest screenings such as a mammogram or colonoscopy so that potential issues can be addressed early on
  • Help you manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Refer you to specialists as needs arise such as a cardiologist, urologist or orthopedic surgeon
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