Volunteer Opportunities

Heartfelt Help

We value our volunteers as a true part of our team. Whether you wish to serve the patient directly or indirectly (by assisting fellow team members), your work is immeasurable. Our department mission is to provide opportunities for the individual to demonstrate their concern for their fellowman by giving of their time and of themselves to promote careers in the health care field, to provide additional resources to carry out the hospital mission, and to encourage volunteers to become advocates of St. James Parish Hospital.

Apply to be a Volunteer

Volunteers must be 18 years or older and must complete an application to join our team. Upon completion of the application, prospective volunteers will be interviewed. All applicants are required to complete a background check before acceptance into the program (with the exception of volunteers needing 40 hours or less). Volunteers will be required to work at least a four hour shift based on the needs of the requesting department. To apply, email hr@sjph.org.

Annual Requirements

  • Carelearning (includes confidentiality, safety, & infection control education)
  • TB/PPD Screening
  • Flu Shot

All volunteers are also required to complete a Health History. Documentation is kept on file in the Education Department.  Annual requirements are required to remain active.

Nursing Department Duties:

  • Assist the staff with the following duties:
  • Answer the telephone
  • Answer the call button
  • Stock supplies in mobile computers
  • Stock glove boxes in patients’ rooms
  • Deliver and pick up meal trays to patients
  • Deliver linen to patient’s room as needed.
  • Deliver mail, flowers, newspaper to patients
  • Deliver ice and fill pitcher, offer coffee or juice
  • Escort patients for discharge and assist with patient’s belongings, equipment, etc.
  • Clerical duties- copy, fax, get the mail, deliver forms

Emergency Department Duties:

  • Monitor and rotate two visitors per patient
  • Make sure visitors have their badge
  • Make sure visitors return their badge upon patient’s discharge
  • Provide warm blankets to patients

Radiology Department Duties:

  • Assist the front desk personnel with phone calls.
  • Keep our linen carts stocked and the blanket warmer filled.
  • Assist in transporting patients in wheelchairs when needed.
  • Bring discs and/or reports to ER or Acute when needed.
  • Bring mail to/from the mail room.

Receptionist Duties:

  • Assist with answering the telephone and transfer calls as appropriate.
  • Escort patients to appropriate department as needed.
  • Clerical duties, copy, fax, mail, etc.
  • Assist with getting wheelchairs for patients.
  • Deliver newspapers to appropriate departments.

Case Management Duties:

  • Assist with activity program by offering cart and setting up activities with skilled patients.
  • Assist with gathering skilled patients for group activities.
  • Engage in activities with patients i.e., playing cards, games, puzzles.
  • Assist in contacting and faxing information to physicians, home health agencies, durable medical equipment companies, and nursing home facilities.
  • Make telephone calls to update list of community resources.
  • Bring Case Management mail from mail room to Director of Case Management.
  • Write sympathy cards for facilities of deceased patients.
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