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What is a Patient Portal?

Patient Portals are online health management tools that offer patients 24/7, convenient access to their personal health information, improve communication between patients and providers and streamline processes.

St. James Parish Hospital Patient Portal

Our hospital, ER and clinics offer a secure web-based patient portal through Cerner Health. Our upgraded EHR solution utilizes one platform for all patient records. This means that whether you are seen in our ER, have a wellness visit at a clinic or come in for an x-ray, all of your information is housed in one system which can be accessed through one patient portal. Patients will be invited to join the portal after visiting us. If you missed your initial invitation, click here to self-enroll.

Questions about the Patient Portal?

If you have issues signing up, need to add minors to your portal, have an issue with your medical records or have any additional questions, fill out the form below or email us at

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ONE patient—ONE record—ONE portal

  • Patients are invited to sign up for our patient portal during registration. Once your email is provided, you will receive an email to create your portal account from St. James Parish Hospital – Please check your junk email folder for the invitation if you do not see it.
  • If you recently visited one of our clinics or departments, but did not receive an invitation or if your invitation expired, click here to self-enroll. (If you have not been registered in our new system, you will not have the option to self-enroll until the next time you come in for an appointment.)
  • Once enrolled, you can visit to view test results, book appointments (in-person and virtually), message clinic staff, request refills and pay bills.
  • Your patient portal is also accessible via Cerner’s HealtheLife app. Simply download the app and log in using your username and password. Once logged in, you will have the option to turn on face-id for future visits.

Portal Features

  • Schedule Appointments Online
    • Patients of St. James Parish Hospital’s family practice, specialty and urgent care clinics can book appointments through the portal. Online scheduling is available through your patient portal 24/7.
    • 1. Log in to portal and select the blue SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT button.
    • 2. Choose the patient name and choose a reason for your visit so that the system can provide location options.
      • CDL Physicals and Sports Physicals: offer Urgent Care Openings
      • Established–In Office: offers options for current clinic patients to book in-office visits at our family practice clinic (Lutcher), west bank clinic (Vacherie), hospital-based specialty clinics (urology, surgery) and urgent care.
      • New Patient In-Office: offers options for new clinic patients to book in-office visits.
      • Established Patient–Telehealth: offers options for current clinic patients to book virtual (video) visits.
    • 3. After selecting the reason for your visit, choose the most convenient location option to see available appointments.
    • 4. Scroll through appointment options and/or search by date and/or provider and click SELECT on the appointment date/time you choose
    • 5. Provide details about your symptoms or needs for the visit and click the blue SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT button.
    • View or print an online scheduling guide.
  • Telehealth Appointments (Video Visits)
    • To book a telehealth appointment choose “Established Patient-Telehealth” then choose a location/clinic and appointment time.
      • A staff member will contact you via a phone call to gather important visit information.
      • On the day of your appointment, log in to your Patient Portal. Choose “appointments” on the portal menu to view your upcoming appointment time and join when prompted.
      • Make sure you have a strong internet connection and choose a quiet, well-lit area. Hold your phone/camera at eye level.
      • Make sure you have a list of questions and concerns ready to discuss and share your best call-back number. If the video fails, your provider will complete your visit by phone.
      • View or print a video visit guide.
  • Pay Bills Online
    • Patients can also pay bills for hospital services through the portal using the access code found on billing statements.
    • To pay a bill without logging in to the portal, visit or snap a photo of the QR code on your billing statement.
  • Request a Refill
    • To request a prescription refill using the portal, select “Health Record” then “Medications.”
  • Integrate Portal Health Information
    • Patients will soon have the option in the future to integrate health information from the Patient Portal into their Apple or Android Health App.

Billing Enhancements

Charges for hospital services and hospital-based clinics are now included on one statement. To make a payment, visit your Patient Portal, snap a photo of the QR code on your statement or Click Here to access the quick pay site.

You will need your statement to pay online. Simply fill in the bill recipient’s name, date-of-birth and the access code that can be found on page 2 of the statement under the account number on each listing.

Bills from contracted providers will come directly from the provider or associated physician group.

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