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Local Diabetic Resources

YOU are the MOST important member of your Diabetes Care Team.

Diabetes cannot be cured, but with a proactive health plan, it can be successfully managed. In addition to the info and resources below, St. James Parish Hospital offers FREE Diabetic Support Group Meetings monthly. CLICK HERE to view our calendar. 

Take an active role in your care.

  • Set personal goals
  • Know your numbers
  • Ask questions
  • Have a care plan

Create a personalized a Care Plan.

  • Schedule a Wellness Visit with your Primary Care Doctor or a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit each year
  • Make a plan for how and when to check your blood sugar
  • Make a schedule for when to take your diabetic medications
  • Create a schedule for regular health check-ups
  • Take advantage of FREE Diabetic Support Group Meetings held at 2pm the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the hospital
  • Create a meal plan (contact us at 225.258.5928 to learn more about Medical Nutrition Therapy)
  • Create a physical activity plan
  • Determine and implement stress-relief activities
  • Create a timeline and plan for meeting other health goals

Take advantage of local resources. 

  • Free Diabetic Support Group 225.258.5928
  • Registered Dietitian 225.258.5928
  • Medicare Chronic Care Management (2 or more chronic conditions)
    225.258.2066 or 225.258.2067
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy (diabetic or prediabetic – physician referral required) 225.258.5928
Utilize local clinics.
  • Lutcher Family Clinic* 225.869.9890
  • St. James West Bank Clinic* 225.265.3013
  • Poché Medical Clinic* 225.869.3493
  • Wound Care Clinic* 877.295.2273
  • St. James Urology Clinic* 225.258.2070
  • Podiatry & Specialty Clinics 225.258.5930 
  • St. James Urgent Care 225.258.2040
  • Emergency Room 225.258.5949
*Clinics that are Departments of St. James Parish Hospital
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