Local Diabetic Resources

YOU are the MOST important member of your Diabetes Care Team.

Diabetes cannot be cured, but with a proactive health plan, it can be successfully managed. 

Take an active role in your care.

  • Set personal goals
  • Know your numbers
  • Ask questions
  • Have a care plan

Create a personalized a Care Plan.

  • Schedule a Wellness Visit with your Primary Care Doctor or a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit each year
  • Make a plan for how and when to check your blood sugar
  • Make a schedule for when to take your diabetic medications
  • Create a schedule for regular health check-ups
  • Take advantage of FREE Diabetic Support Group Meetings held at 2pm the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the hospital
  • Create a meal plan (contact us at 225.258.5928 to learn more about Medical Nutrition Therapy)
  • Create a physical activity plan
  • Determine and implement stress-relief activities
  • Create a timeline and plan for meeting other health goals

Take advantage of local resources. 

  • Registered Dietitian
    • 225.258.5928
  • Medicare Chronic Care Management (2 or more chronic conditions)
    • 225.258.2066 or 225.258.2067
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy (diabetic or prediabetic – physician referral required)
    • Fax orders to 225.746.2981
Utilize local clinics.
  • Lutcher Family Clinic* 225.869.9890
  • St. James West Bank Clinic* 225.265.3013
  • Poché Medical Clinic* 225.869.3493
  • Wound Care Clinic* 877.295.2273
  • St. James Urology Clinic* 225.258.2070
  • Specialty Clinics 225.258.5930
  • St. James Urgent Care 225.258.2040
  • Emergency Room 225.258.5949
*Departments of St. James Parish Hospital
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