2020 Employees of the 4th Quarter

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St. James Parish Hospital is proud to announce the 2020 Employees of the 4th Quarter, Glen Zeller, Maintenance Technician, and Lorain Landry, ER Registered Nurse. Both employees were nominated by fellow staff and chosen by the Executive Leadership Team for their dedication to the hospital.

Lorain joined our nursing team in 2007. She graduated from Charity-Delgado Nursing School in 1993 and has 14 years of service at St. James Parish Hospital.

Lorain was nominated by Loni Bourgeois, RN, and Jayme Alleman, RN. The nurses stated, “This employee helped us with two very unstable patients without hesitation. She made a very critical situation better by being a resource and aiding with patient care. We are very grateful for all of her help during these shifts. She is a valuable part of our team and we can always rely on her when critical situations arise. Thank you for all that you do for us.”

When asked for comment, Lorain stated, “Nursing was a career choice I made a few years after graduating high school and never looked back. Although this past year has been stressful, we’re a family at SJPH. Families stick together through thick and thin, but we all come out stronger as a team and family. Thank you my family at St. James Parish Hospital!”

Glen joined the Maintenance Crew at St. James Parish Hospital in 2018. He graduated High School in 1988. He began trade school in 1995 and graduated with a millwright degree in 1999.

Glen was nominated by the hospital’s Surgery Department who stated, “We couldn’t possibly list every instance where this employee has gone above and beyond for us, so we will just give a few examples of what makes him a valuable part of the SJPH family. He is very reliable. When we call for him, he shows up without delay. When he says he will take care of something, we can trust that it will be done efficiently. He is willing to help in any situation and follows up to ensure issues have been resolved. We consider him a ‘jack of all trades.’ He works tirelessly to find solutions to any issue, even if they may not directly affect him. He does all of this with a smile, and never seems “too busy” to help out with anything that is asked of him.”

In response, Glen stated, “Being someone who is willing to help others at any time, it just feels right being able to work in a facility that cares for our community. The great employees of St. James Parish Hospital make you feel like part of the family. Thanks for letting me be a part of SJPH!”

St. James Parish Hospital congratulates both employees for their dedication to the hospital’s mission of providing excellent, quality and compassionate healthcare.

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