5 Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holidays

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St. James Parish Hospital shares 5 quick tips for staying healthy during the holidays.

1. Pick and choose.

River Parishes parties typically mean tons of food and often not the healthiest choices. You can still enjoy tasty treats during the holidays, but try to pick and choose those that are your favorite (rather than filling up a plate with everything) and eat them alongside fresh veggies and fruit. If you know you will have multiple parties, decide ahead what you plan to eat where so that you can still try it all while better spreading out calories and sugar. This way, you’ll enjoy what you eat and perhaps have a little more fun because you aren’t overly full.

2. Get physical with a game.

The holiday season is busy, so it might seem really hard to find time for fitness, but exercise doesn’t have to mean heading to the gym or finding a treadmill. When planning parties, think about incorporating games that get everyone up and moving. This is not only fun, but it is a great way to step away from the buffet, get your heart rate up and share some laughs. If you usually offer to bring a dish at parties, change it up and offer to bring a game that gets people moving.

3. Party outside.

Mother nature doesn’t usually work around parties, but in South Louisiana we often have warm winters. Take advantage of good weather and try to plan your next party outdoors. Being packed inside means less space for people to spread out and more germs in a small space. When you’re outside, fresh air is constantly moving making it less likely to breath in germs that cause respiratory illnesses like the flu and COVID.

4. When in doubt, opt-out.

Family is really important here, we get it, but love your family enough to make sure they stay healthy. If you notice new symptoms—especially fever—it is best to skip a party or two until your symptoms subside or you can see a doctor. St. James Parish Hospital’s primary care clinics offer testing and treatments and our urgent care is now open 7 days a week to accommodate busy schedules.

5. Prioritize sleep and stress relief.

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we seem to always be rushing around. It is easy to get run down with extra tasks and obligations, but it is extremely important to remember to slow down, rest and relax. Lack of sleep can weaken your immune system, make you more susceptible to getting sick and make it harder to recover when you do. When you’re planning, plan a day with no plans.

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