Hospital Foundation Awarded with United Way Disaster Grant

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The Capital Area United Way recently awarded St. James Hospital Wellness Foundation a $25,000 Hurricane Ida Disaster grant in support of St. James Parish Hospital Employees with unmet needs due to the storm.

The devastation of Hurricane Ida has created a gap between resources and needs for many employees at St. James Parish Hospital. The Capital Area United Way funding will allow St. James Hospital Wellness Foundation to assist employees with significant property damage and/or hardship due to Hurricane Ida.

Employees with needs unmet by insurance and/or FEMA will complete an application detailing a request for support to help with basic living expenses and property repairs. Applications will be anonymously reviewed by a third party to determine which applicants should be considered for assistance and how funds should be allocated between applicants.

“Hurricane Ida impacted many of our 10-Parish service area residents, specifically St. James Parish, and left destruction in its wake,” said George Bell, President and CEO of Capital Area United Way.

“As recovery begins to shift into a long term process for many areas, we hope this grant to the St. James Hospital Wellness Foundation will serve the financial needs of employees who sustained significant impacts from the storm. Capital Area United Way continues to be here for St. James Parish and its residents following Ida and we will continue to be here even when recovery efforts are nearly through.”

“We cannot thank our friends at the Capital Area United Way enough for allowing the wellness foundation to help our hospital team recover and rebuild so that they can continue to care for our community,” Kassie Roussel, St. James Parish Hospital Director of Marketing and Foundation.

St. James Hospital Wellness Foundation is the 501c3 foundation created by St. James Parish Hospital to support the health and wellness needs of the local community and employees beyond traditional healthcare. The foundation brings together healthcare providers, local government entities, social service providers, community health partners, industries, small businesses, schools and community members with the shared goal of improving lives.

The mission of the Capital Area United is to improve lives by leveraging partnerships in our community to advance the common good through education, income stability and healthy living.

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