COVID-19 Testing

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COVID-19 Testing Options

All diagnostic tests currently administered at St. James Parish Hospital offer both confirmed positive and confirmed negative results. Resulting times vary by test and will be discussed during patient visits.

Option 1
Make an appointment or schedule a virtual visit with one of our Primary Care Physicians.

  • Poche Medical Clinic 225.869.3493
  • Lutcher Family Clinic 225.869.9890
  • St. James West Bank Clinic 225.265.3013

Option 2
Walk in to our Urgent Care or schedule a virtual visit 225.258.2040.

  • Patients with COVID-like symptoms are encouraged to call ahead 225.258.2040.
  • St. James Urgent Care is located in the medical plaza next to the hospital.
  • St. James Urgent Care is open from 1pm-9pm Monday –Friday and from 9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday.

Option 3
If you are experiencing severe or life-threatening symptoms such as difficulty breathing, our ER is open 24/7 and can also administer tests.

*COVID-19 Tests for patients with outside orders will be administered through Urgent Care (details above).

CLICK HERE to visit our Coronavirus Information page with the latest updates and posts regarding COVID-19. 

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