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What’s that noise in my ear? – By: Jake Cavanaugh, Audiologist

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By: Jake Cavanaugh, Audiologist

You may have heard of someone complaining of ringing in their ear.  This disorder known as Tinnitus is much more common than you think.  Tinnitus can be caused by ear wax or transient middle ear problems, but it is most often associated with hearing loss.

It is estimated that some 50 million people have tinnitus.  The cause, severity and onset will vary with most individuals.  There is a strong correlation of cases reported following noise exposure or a sudden hearing loss.  However, tinnitus can occur in the absence of any medical condition.  Treatments for tinnitus vary depending on the cause or origin of the tinnitus.  Remedies have been as simple as a vitamin to as advanced as a medical device.  Step one is to have your hearing tested to determine if what you are experiencing is a hearing related disorder.  In rare cases tinnitus can be caused by something much more severe.

If you have experienced ringing in the ears, contact Jake Cavanaugh, Au.D,  at 225.210.5158. Dr. Cavanaugh, independent clinic physician at St. James Parish Hospital, sees patients every other Friday at the hospital annex building on Louisiana Avenue (the former Poche Medical Clinic).


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