Hospital and Public School Partnership Expands

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CEO Mary Ellen Pratt discusses the hospital's growing partnership with the school system at a recent Sports Med event.

“Partnerships between public schools and local hospitals are crucial for the overall well-being of communities. These collaborations can have a significant impact on the health and education of individuals,” says Chris Kimball, St. James Parish Public Schools Superintendent.

St. James Parish Hospital has proudly partnered with the St. James Parish Public School System for over a decade through on-site screening and vaccination events, sports physicals, sponsorships, and career development opportunities such as student internships, Junior Achievement™ education and “Opportunity Now” placements which seek to offer employment options for youth and adults with disabilities.

Most recently, St. James Parish Hospital was selected as the healthcare partner of Lutcher High School Athletics. This partnership included the hiring of a Lead Athletic Trainer to establish a sports medicine presence in the community which will include injury prevention, education, and improved care coordination for student athletes.

“Schools benefit from the expertise of healthcare professionals in promoting health and wellness among students. This includes education on nutrition, exercise, and mental health, as well as preventive care and screenings within the school setting,” says Superintendent Kimball.

“The partnership between St. James Parish Public Schools and our local hospital is a powerful means of creating a supportive environment that addresses the comprehensive needs of individuals contributing to the overall well-being, educational success, and future prospects of our community’s residents.”

“We are extremely excited to see our partnership with the public school system grow under the direction of new superintendent Chris Kimball,” says Mary Ellen Pratt, FACHE, CEO.

“We look forward to implementing additional wellness services beyond traditional health care and expanding our partnership to support more schools and students in our local community.”

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