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“I truly think the world of this place and this team.”

Mrs. Nancy Cambre, “rehab grad,” eagerly walked into St. James Parish Hospital’s new Therapy Center. It was her first time back since she completed her 5-month long physical therapy transformation. She was excited to share her amazing story and catch up with the staff that had truly become family to her during such a difficult time in her life.

Mrs. Nancy’s St. James Parish Hospital story started with a visit to our Emergency Room after a bad fall. “I randomly started falling forward with no warning—it was so scary,” said Mrs. Nancy. “After assessing me in the ER, Dr. Kirby told me I needed to see a Neurologist. That’s when a nerve study was done and how we found out I had a compressed nerve.”

This diagnosis ultimately led Mrs. Nancy to surgery for Peripheral Nerve Release. Mrs. Nancy’s condition caused a drop foot on her left side. After surgery she had to wear a brace to avoid falling. Her surgeon warned her that recovery was difficult. She would need intense therapy and nothing was guaranteed.

“I couldn’t pick up my foot at all and barely made it past the door the first time I walked into the Therapy Center after surgery. I felt so defeated and thought ‘this won’t work,’ but my Physical Therapist, Paul Faucheux, encouraged me from day one. He told me that there was hope and that they could help me.”

Being able to walk again is important for anyone, but Mrs. Nancy’s goal was even more special. “I wanted to be able to walk in my son’s wedding—in HEELS—confidently and without the fear of falling.”

Mrs. Nancy was in intense physical therapy for months. “When I wanted to give up, they could see I was frustrated and encouraged me through the whole process.” She felt hopeless when she started, but a few months into her program she started to notice improvements. “By the end of my time in physical therapy, I had no issues at all. I could almost run around the place! I couldn’t believe it. I was like, ‘WOW 5 months ago I was almost crying,’ but they kept pushing me and encouraging me.”

Mrs. Nancy’s son got married in October 2021, and she walked down the aisle with confidence wearing her high heels on his special day. Mrs. Nancy’s emotional visit ended with hugs as she proudly shared photos of these special moments— moments she believes happened because of her hard work and the therapists at St. James Parish Hospital Therapy Center.

“I told my husband how much I miss therapy and miss the people. They really did become like family to me.”

She also talked a possible hand surgery in the future. “I am not sure if I will need therapy, but if I do, I want to come back here. I truly think the world of this place and this team.”

“Thank you all for what y’all did for my husband.”

“We just wanted to let you and the staff know what y’all did for my husband’s therapy for his shoulder replacement.  Three weeks ago he surprised me by getting on his mower and cutting the grass.  Two weeks later I heard his garden tiller and I almost cried.  For a whole year he couldn’t do these things and to see him working out in the yard has been awesome.  We will always be grateful to the therapist that worked with him to get to this point. Thank you all for what y’all did for my husband.”

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